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Darren - Marketing Expert

Darren has a unique mix of process, technology, and creativity.  Darren is adept in multifaceted nonprofit and marketing development, from inception, feasibility analysis and conceptual design, through documentation, and implementation.  He is an outstanding marketing leader.

Top 3 Attributes:

  1. Versatility - Darren is quick to adapt to change and various situations.
  2. Interpersonal Communications - He is adept at many facets of leadership styles and can communication ideas from C-level on down.
  3. Dependability - Darren will take charge and answer for all of his work and his team's work.  He gets is done on time and on budget.

Top 3 Experiences:

  1. Darren was named one of "Houston's Most Notable People" by the Houston Chronicle for marketing and non-profit work.
  2. Darren is the sole creator and content developer of the Houston Zombie Walk - the online presence has bloomed to over 130,000 fans on Facebook.
  3. He was named in the top 5% of company performers in Energy Transfer Partners for 2012 as a contractor.

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