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ideas for change

Death, Taxes and Change

You can’t change your boss or the company, but you can learn from your mistakes with an honest, insightful self-assessment. Changing yourself is no different from changing anything else: people like what they know more than they know what they like.

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From Land to Sea: Oil & Gas Jobs Could Move Offshore

Despite gloomy oil & gas news, one important sector is fueling major job growth: offshore deepwater drilling in the Gulf of Mexico...

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Almost As Bad As Getting Laid Off: Surviving

Getting laid off is the worst followed by being the sole survivor and being left with way too much work to do and deadlines to meet. As we continue to hear the mantra of “do more with less”, turnover is going to reach an all-time high.

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Have You Heard These Excuses in Your Company?

For the sake of improvement and growth, here are 20 phrases that you should consider to banish from your company...

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Are Your Customers Happy?

When was the last time you considered optimizing your...

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Embrace Social Media? Transform Your Life!

“Social Media” is a great opportunity for marketing professionals to add value and contribute to the business...

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