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David Drake


I’ve always been a creative type.  The oldest of six kids, I was born in Louisville, raised in New Orleans, and have built my professional career in Houston.  I took lots of art and drafting classes and always imagined myself as a successful artist or architect.  After high school, I got a graphic arts degree and went straight to work designing… architectural signs.  Well, it was sort of close to what I had imagined.  Once I figured out that wasn’t the best use of my talent, I went back to college (Loyola University in N.O.) and earned a degree in Communications.  With that newly minted degree I took off for greener pastures in the great city of Houston, which also brought me closer to my girlfriend (now wife).

Upon moving to Texas, I was quickly introduced to life in the ‘big city’ and real corporate culture.  I jumped right into all the action with the guidance of a great mentor.  He knew everybody and strongly encouraged me to start meeting as many people as I could and really get to know the companies and key players in Houston.  So I did and it led me to some really good things.  I’ve been fortunate to work with and for (as well as socialize with) everyone from CEOs, managers and owners of local, national and international companies and corporations to politicians, professional athletes and media types.

Houston is a great business city.  It has been good to me, allowing me to found and/or grow several great companies and organizations.  Now, I work every day to help others realize how great Houston is too, whether it’s promoting the achievements of a local company or helping a leading corporation find the exact perfect person to fill a key opening.

Personal Interests

First and foremost, my life revolves around my family.  I have a great wife and two smart, beautiful daughters.  Then there’s my dad, four sisters and a brother, countless in-laws, 22 nieces and nephews and a myriad of cousins and aunts & uncles.  Even though we are spread out over multiple states, we stay very close and get together regularly.  Needless to say, when the Drake family gets together, it is big and it is loud!  But it’s always fun.

I really enjoy spending time with my friends, many of which I’ve known for 10, 15, 20 or more years.  And, I’m always making more.  I also enjoy traveling, playing and watching sports, swimming, fishing (preferably offshore) and just about anything else that gets me outdoors.  I’ve attended innumerable NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, PGA, NCAA and so on games/matches as well as Superbowls, World Series, NBA Championships, PGA Championships etc.

I feel closer to my mother and grandfather when I watch the classics on AMC and TCM, gangster movies and war movies.  I believe that since my father never stops learning, I have always loved learning about history, culture and science.  But most of all, I love talking to people, getting to know them and then making them happy – thanks again, Mom.

There’s nothing better than solving a problem or making someone happy.  That’s why it’s great to be part of the team at Brookwoods Group.  We get to help companies find the absolute best employees and at the same time we get to change people’s lives by finding them their perfect job.  What more could you ask for?

So, how can I help you?

Current Opportunities

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Client Comments

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