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Lonnie Haynes


I’m an avid learner who is always trying to find unique and winning solutions. After graduating with a degree in Chemical Engineering and Paper Engineering (yes, I can make paper), I started my career as a research chemist. And then made the jump into sales and marketing management, which I did for most of my career. Throughout my career, I would learn as much as I could about my products, my customers and my markets and how to match them into winning solutions. Now as a Brookwoods Group Recruiting Manager, it is my goal to find the winning solutions for our clients, our candidates and the markets we all serve.

Personal Interests

I love all kinds of music, except Country and Western! I have a modest collection of about 3000 albums that I hope to convert one day to mp3 format. I’m a somewhat wine aficionado with a passion for action movies and science fiction movies that have a high and unrealistic body count. I take my love of chemistry into the kitchen and subject my daughter with a food recipe I pulled off the Food Network or some cooking show I saw. With my own, sometimes disastrous or successful, twist. And being an engineer, I firmly believe I can fix most anything in the house (with a screwdriver, pair of pliers and a hammer) and I have the scars and plumber’s/carpenter’s bills to prove it.

But most of all, I truly love helping people!

What I Am Looking For

Current Professional Opportunities

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Candidate Comments

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