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What We Think

We Don’t Think Like the Others.

We’re not saying that we’re the smartest folks in the room, but we have some pretty good ideas that come from some of the most experienced people in our industry. Take a read; we hope you find something you can use.


Stay Put and Transform Your Job!

If you are unhappy in your job and ready to quit, here's an novel idea: What would it look like for you to keep and transform the job you already have?

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Great Recruiting in a Rising Economy

A rising economy poses challenges for everyone involved in staffing and recruiting. For a great outcome, all parties must put in their best effort!

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Multitasking: The Silent Killer

If you have two tasks and you do them together, both are executed 20 to 50 percent more slowly and with more errors than if each was done individually.

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Guess What? People Drive Your Business!

Shell Oil Company President John Hofmeister (a Brookwoods Group client) spoke about the business importance of great people (and the related business processes)...

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How To Persuade An Audience

Many of us are asked to speak before groups. Here are tips to make it easier for you and help assure that your presentation is both effective and persuasive.

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Remember How You Buy

Retaining existing customers is great, but winning new customers is key. So marketing professionals have to internally win budgets and resources to do the job.

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How To Increase Your Client Base

Panel discussion on "How to Increase Your Client Base" considered different strategies: ramping up, focusing on key clients, and listening to customers!

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Tips On Business Development

We pay close attention to the advice that friends have offered on recruiting, compensating, training, and retaining great sales professionals.

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Strategies For Client Service

Over the years, we have refined a short list of customer service mandates that work well for our clients and for us.

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