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What We Think

We Don’t Think Like the Others.

We’re not saying that we’re the smartest folks in the room, but we have some pretty good ideas that come from some of the most experienced people in our industry. Take a read; we hope you find something you can use.


Independent Contractors - Are They Classified Correctly?

If your company classifies any workers as "independent contractors”, now is the time to make sure you get that classification correct - or else...

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Employee Retention for 2016

With more than 20% of the workforce ready to change jobs are you prepared?

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10 Steps to Decrease the Time Spent on the Hiring Process

Time is money - ways you can save time in the hiring process...

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Corporate Compliance With Affordable Care Act

Every company needs to know some facts that help clarify how the ACA may affect the way your company retains “temporary” or “contract” labor resources going forward.

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Proper Onboarding Can Make the Difference Between a “Bad Hire” and a “Superstar”

It’s possible to start with a great hire – a potential superstar – and transform them into a bad hire by shoving them through a bad onboarding process. Here's how to avoid that misstep.

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Real "Quality" is All About Your Customer

Author Jim Smith says that "quality" is more about delivering what your customers expect rather than adhering to a specific standard.

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Ten Behaviors of GENUINE People

It seems that truly genuine people are becoming harder to find. Here are ten attributes that may help you evolve to your most genuine self!

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Why Your Resume Is History

According to Cavazos, more than 500 years ago da Vinci drafted the first known cover letter, which he sent to the Duke of Milan. (We wonder whether it would make it through a keyword search program today!)

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Former Talent Acquisition Team Leader Talks About Using Recruiting Firms

Not only can engaging a recruiter save you money in the long run (check out our “infographic” showing how), but in the short run, it’s actually often faster and easier to find your ideal candidate using a recruiter than it is conducting the search process on your own.

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The Right Health and Safety People Make Programs Work for Business

Companies that run potentially hazardous operations can keep their employees safe and reduce their liability by engaging knowledgeable health and safety professionals to make sure their plants and other assets are safe.

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