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What We Think

We Don’t Think Like the Others.

We’re not saying that we’re the smartest folks in the room, but we have some pretty good ideas that come from some of the most experienced people in our industry. Take a read; we hope you find something you can use.


Three Heads ARE Better Than One:

Now that social media is a permanent addition to the recruiting tool belt, it’s more important than ever for the department seeking talent to work closely with HR to find and qualify candidates.

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Seven Reasons Employees Are Not Into You

Are you frustrated with employees who seem to be more into themselves than into the company? Here are seven reasons this may be so and what you can do about it...

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Death, Taxes and Change

You can’t change your boss or the company, but you can learn from your mistakes with an honest, insightful self-assessment. Changing yourself is no different from changing anything else: people like what they know more than they know what they like.

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Results Versus Skills: What the Super Bowl Teaches Us About How to Win

The Super Bowl doesn’t care what’s on your resume or whether you were a first-round or a fifth-round draft pick. … Players and teams get to the Big Game through one thing: their results—their performance—during the regular season.

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Why Companies Hire the Wrong People

Here's why so many companies pass over superior job candidates, plus some hints on what you can do about it right now...

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HBJ Guest Contributor: Are you about to terminate your 2020 leaders?

Brookwoods Group CEO John Sweney points out the danger of over reacting to today's economic ill winds, and laying off today the very employees you will wish you had to lead your company in 2020...

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From Land to Sea: Oil & Gas Jobs Could Move Offshore

Despite gloomy oil & gas news, one important sector is fueling major job growth: offshore deepwater drilling in the Gulf of Mexico...

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Yes, You CAN Recover from Misdeeds at the Office Party!

Kazim Ladimeji with outlines a four-step recovery plan that doesn’t involve hari kari, but just some common sense actions you can take both to repair the damage now and to move ahead smarter in the future.

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Almost As Bad As Getting Laid Off: Surviving

Getting laid off is the worst followed by being the sole survivor and being left with way too much work to do and deadlines to meet. As we continue to hear the mantra of “do more with less”, turnover is going to reach an all-time high.

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Layoffs Put Future Succession Into Jeopardy

No matter the reason, companies need to focus on succession planning and retain the superstars of tomorrow to lead the company beyond 2020.

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