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What We Think

We Don’t Think Like the Others.

We’re not saying that we’re the smartest folks in the room, but we have some pretty good ideas that come from some of the most experienced people in our industry. Take a read; we hope you find something you can use.


From Land to Sea: Oil & Gas Jobs Could Move Offshore

Despite gloomy oil & gas news, one important sector is fueling major job growth: offshore deepwater drilling in the Gulf of Mexico...

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Yes, You CAN Recover from Misdeeds at the Office Party!

Kazim Ladimeji with outlines a four-step recovery plan that doesn’t involve hari kari, but just some common sense actions you can take both to repair the damage now and to move ahead smarter in the future.

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Almost As Bad As Getting Laid Off: Surviving

Getting laid off is the worst followed by being the sole survivor and being left with way too much work to do and deadlines to meet. As we continue to hear the mantra of “do more with less”, turnover is going to reach an all-time high.

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Layoffs Put Future Succession Into Jeopardy

No matter the reason, companies need to focus on succession planning and retain the superstars of tomorrow to lead the company beyond 2020.

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Five Stages of Grief Over a Bad Hire

Houston recruiting and staffing firm Brookwoods Group recounts near-death experience of hiring a bad fit; releases infographic...

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INFOGRAPHIC: How Hiring a Recruiting Firm Can Save Your Company Money

Citing "cost", companies sometimes hesitate to hire a recruiting firm to find the right people, but a bad hire can cost far more...

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Energy Industry Fuels Growth in Houston

Energy Fuels opportunity in Houston, Brookwoods Group attends the First Ever State of Energy given by Greater Houston Partnership...

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Stop the revolving door insanity

How to assure you make the right hire the first time, because "revolving doors" are not good for anyone...

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Marilyn speaks re: Job hunting over 50

Brookwoods Group recruiter Marilyn Emanuel on Fox News...

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Making the Case for Additional Staff

As you make your plans for growth in 2014, it will be important to make the business case for needed additional marketing and communications staff..

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