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February 2020 Events

Posted By: Trish Cunningham on February 4, 2020

You’d never know it is winter in Houston today! This weather reminds me of so many songs from my past: The Heat is On by Glenn Frey; Heat Wave by The Supremes; Heat of the Moment by Debbie Harry; Highway to Hell by AC/DC (but that could be a bad traffic reminder, too); Some Like It Hot by The Power Station; and so many more! Now I dare you to NOT go listen to one of these and take a cruise down memory lane. See you there!

February is the month of love! And believe it or not, the CDC offers Valentine’s Day Tips all focused on “love”.

Many events will take place across Houston this month and we look forward to seeing at many of these excellent learning and networking opportunities!

Houston Communications 

IABC Houston

February 13, 11:30 a.m. ESIG Luncheon

PLACE: La Griglia, 2002 W. Gray Street, 77019

Alise Isbell will provide keen insights to navigating #MeToo for successful interactions.

February 27 11:30 a.m., Monthly Luncheon

PLACE: Masraff’s, 1753 Post Oak Blvd, 77056

The Nobel Prize is the most prestigious award in the world and the nomination and selection process is notoriously secretive, and it works to keep the award meaningful and true to its roots! Come hear how MD Anderson’s Nobel Prize Campaign was put in motion and how the team crafted from behind the scenes. This is a MUST ATTEND luncheon!

PRSA Houston

 February 13, 7:30 a.m. Monthly Breakfast

 PLACE: Cherie Flores Garden Pavillion at McGovern Centennial Gardens – Hermann Park, 1500 Hermann Drive, 77004

PRSA has moved to a BREAKFAST this month so early risers, check this out! Glenn Smith of Glenn Smith Executive Coaching will share tips on developing a personal brand.

STC Houston

 February 27, 6:00 p.m. Monthly Meeting

 PLACE: I would love to tell you where it is, but the pop out window is not correctly aligned so I can tell you only what it is about and that it’s at 6:00!

Negotiating Skills: The Missing Ingredient in Content Career Success…

Houston Marketing

AMA Houston

February 12, 11:30 a.m., Regular Monthly Luncheon

PLACE: Junior League of Houston, 1811 Briar Oaks Lane, 77027

Brookwoods Group continues our tradition of AMA sponsorships. You’ll see many of us in attendance. Also, AMA has now put the calendar to start on Monday thus at first it may appear that the luncheon is on Tuesday, but it’s not, it is most definitely on Wednesday. I had to look twice! Dan Tyre of HubSpot will speak on choosing your marketing adventure.

 BMA Houston

Nothing listed on the website for February as of 2-4-2020.

Houston IMA

February 11, 7:00 p.m., Show and Tell 2020

PLACE: Saint Arnold Brewing Company, 2000 Lyons Avenue. 77020

Houston Social Media Breakfast

Nothing listed on the website for February as of 2-4-2020.

MPI Houston

Nothing listed on the website for February as of 2-4-2020.

Houston Investor Relations

 NIRI Houston

Nothing posted yet, but be sure to keep up with the group here:

Houston Energy Professionals

Pink Petro

Pink Petro is a global community with members in 120 countries. It’s for building relationships and your development on the go and a careers site to find jobs in energy. The platform includes highly engaging interactive events through Pink Petro TV and a comprehensive worldwide listing of events and education for women. Get engaged – support, become a member, and become a part of the new future for energy!

Women’s Energy Network Houston

There are multiple events listed for WEN including the Houston chapters this month across the state with several in Houston. Check out all the events here including EXPOs, special awards event, the Summit, chapter luncheons and breakfasts. The website is not as user-friendly as it used to be but if you follow this direct link to the events you’ll see everything available – lots going on in February and not only in Houston:

Change Management and Change Communications

ACMP Texas

ACMP Texas hosts multiple events in San Antonio, Austin, Houston, and Dallas.