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Alina – Communication Professional

Alina is a communications professional, experienced in product marketing and international brand implementation.  She has worked with a variety of strategies, ranging from ATL to inbound, and she discovered her strong points lie in Social Media, AdWords and email marketing.  She would like to work with a company that presented the opportunity to use her skills in developing online presence and e-commerce growth.


  1. Thorough researcher of trends, best practices and tools that help optimize her efforts in achieving and professional goal.
  2. Client oriented, focused on gathering feedback and useful information in order to better target her audiences, build relationships and personalize the contents of her messages.
  3. Budget-aware and resourceful, with experience in working with open source/free source tools for Social Media audit, automation and optimization.


  1. Working with multiple simultaneous brands that did not initially have an online presence and creating a network of tight communities and customers.  This led to a higher retention rate and loyalty.  For example, for some of the brands she worked with, less than 20% of the buyers ended up being one-time customers, in the course of the last three to four years.
  2. Launching an online shop and coordinating interconnected businesses (such as web development, e-commerce, design, SEO, marketing and communication).  This experience boosted her relationship building skills and enhanced her understanding of adjacent fields.
  3. Maintaining functioning Social Media accounts developed her passion for online communication and nurturing communities.  She worked with Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and led campaigns with good results in enhancing the fan base and boosting sales.  For example:
    1. registered growth on Facebook business page of over 4000% over a span of 3.5 years, on minimal budget, while maintaining organic growth rate of approximately 20%.
    2. one of the best performing conversion campaigns which produced an increase from approximately three online orders/week, to at minimum of three orders per day.

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