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Billy – Corporate Communications

Billy is a highly accomplished business professional for all aspects of internal and external corporate communications from B2B and B2C. He is an expert in content creation using skills in research, writing and digital media production. Billy is known for his congenial style, bringing out the best in stories profiling Fortune 50 executives throughout the country and also employees in the field – – from drilling rigs offshore to manufacturing sites on the Gulf Coast. He has been recognized nationally with awards for script writing, editing and fundraising.

Top 3 Attributes:

  1. Master Story Teller: Billy’s communications career allows him to do what he loves – telling stories that make an impact for clients. The medium sometimes varies from news articles, live events, videos or newsletters, but the goal is always the same: telling a story that is clear, concise and stays with the audience.
  1. Technical: He is a recognized digital content creator with technical skills in broadcast television production, corporate video production and on-line newsletter creation. Billy is an accomplished technical writer, videographer and editor comfortable with all major editing platforms.
  1. Teacher: Throughout his career he has facilitated media training for executives in some of the largest companies in the United States and has led teams to respond to crisis situations and external stakeholder challenges. Billy has led teams to develop comprehensive social performance manuals and community engagement workshops. He is trained in the U.S. Coast Guard Incident Command System.

Top 3 Experiences:

  1. Turnkey Production of Executive Profiles: Texas Business Hall of Fame. For over 15 years Billy produced extensive video profiles for some of the most dynamic business leaders in the State of Texas. He has been fortunate to work with the pioneers in politics, energy and medicine one-on-one, developing a unique ability to bring out the best stories from high-level executives in a comfortable workflow. The projects have allowed him to diversify his knowledge of effective communications through a wide range of industries. Billy is able to wear many hats during the production process – research, writing, shooting and editing.
  1. Leading Internal Communications Teams: Shell Oil Company / Saudi Aramco. Working primarily on an internal workforce of over 1,500 employees at the Motiva facility in Southeast Texas, Billy produced meaningful and dynamic communications packages that grew in viewership month-over-month. He developed an electronic newsletter delivered bi-monthly, produced two video broadcasts per week and produced quarterly financial results in live town hall settings. He was an integral part of the team that managed employee relations during the 2015 United Steel Workers strike that dramatically impacted operations requiring key employees to live on-site for over three weeks.
  1. Awareness Equals Dollars: Memorial Park Conservancy.Billy has been blessed to produce numerous awareness campaigns for non-profits and always strives to leave the audience with an appreciation of the mission and a desire to reach for their checkbooks. For Houston’s Memorial Park Conservancy, he was able to produce an awareness video that showed the beauty of the park, highlighted its colorful history and led viewers to see how their funds would propel the organization. Billy was honored with two national awards for Script writing and Fundraising.

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