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Jacqueline D

a marketing illustrationJacqueline is a stellar communications professional focused on community affairs for major corporations as well as communications for nonprofits, community organizations, and social service organizations.  She creates communications strategies & plans, handles crisis communications and executive communications training, develops stakeholder magazines, conducts media relations, and organizes community events.

Top Attributes

We have come to know Jacqueline quite well.  She is a very professional and excellent communicator with an extensive background in handling various crisis communications, PR and corporate communications. She has created communications strategies for internal and external audiences; is a brand ambassador; tackled crisis management; and been the company spokesperson. She has oil and gas plant experience, creating messaging to employees from the executive team for engagement and information; pitches stories to local media; writes and distributes newsletters; writes press releases; creates media plans and advisories; answers media inquiries and facilitates interviews; organizes company-sponsored events.  

 Top Experiences

  1. Broadcasting
  2. Chemicals
  3. Nonprofits (community organizations and social services)
  4. Government

Jacqueline is an award-winning communications professional with more than 20 years of robust experience. She is passionate about controlling the narrative, and excels at pitching to media, is an expert spokesperson, and loves to write.  She is a natural leader who believes in mentoring and empowering others.

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