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Johan Z – Global Communication/Public Affairs

Johan is a multi-disciplined global communications and public affairs advisor and leader passionate about social responsibility and finding solutions to global Energy and Governance issues.

He has extensive international experience in Europe, Africa, Asia, and The Americas, working collaboratively with organizations to enhance reputation, improve ways of life, and connect government, non-profit and corporate entities to build stronger alliances.

Respected as out-of-the-box global thinker, Johan has a unique understanding of diverse cultures to forge mutually beneficial partnerships.

Top 3 Attributes:

  1. Strategic internal and external communicator: He has guided business, functional, and foreign government leaders on communications strategies and messaging to mitigate social, environmental, and political risks for operations and projects.
  2. Authentic collaborator who enhances reputation: Johan has devised best-in-class engagement plans utilizing understanding of local and international stakeholder dynamics boosting reputation within a high-profile industry.
  3. Delivers social performance and investment goals: He forges productive partnerships with local community leaders, NGOs, and other stakeholders, delivering corporate social responsibility goals and programs, including assurance and skills training.

Top 3 Experiences:

  1. Aligned corporate and country teams on communications strategies and messaging, addressing legacy issues (e.g. oil spills), with clear actionable plans to mitigate adverse stakeholder responses.
  2. Enhanced reputation of an integrated refinery and chemicals complex in the Houston area by forging trusting relations with local government, industry groups, and community leaders, resulting in new business opportunity and favorable public policy.
  3. Streamlined approach to identify and diminish non-technical risks and social impacts at 25 global refineries and chemical plants by developing specialized social performance / investment programs that was recognized as a company gold standard.

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