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John – Experienced 3D Graphic Artist

John L. is ready and available to work.  John is a highly versatile Senior 3D artist with 10+ years of multidisciplinary experience at various studios in Artist, Design, and Leadership roles.  A focus on 3D environment Art but also many years of experience in UI, UX, Graphic Design, Technical Art and Art Direction.


  1. Strong communication and collaboration skills, demonstrated by effectively working with department leaders across an organization who influence overall production pipeline.
  2. Highly innovative with the ability to produce and rapidly prototype designs, layouts and look development.
  3. Strong leadership skills, with an ability to gain a general understanding of colleagues workflows in order to properly balance and prioritize tasks to meet critical deadlines.


  1. Experience with both AAA Studios and Indie Studios and adaptable to their production pipelines very quickly.
  2. Experience developing and producing pipelines for all prominent platforms including Consoles, PC’s and Android/IOS devices.
  3. Experience taking on multiple roles on a project apart from my position.  When needed, I am able to step in and design, lead or direct elements of a project along with still continuing with my role within the organization.

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