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Michael A.

Michael is a transformational and client-services focused thought leader with a deep background in media who knows how to bring Wall Street to Main Street.  He knows how to generate, develop, and transform concepts into engaging content across wide range of digital platforms with 20+ years’ experience as communications professional respected by sources, peers, and senior leaders.  He is well-networked with media outlet professionals throughout US.

 Top 5 Attributes

  1. Manage and meet consecutive and concurrent deadlines without fail; accommodate urgent projects under pressure, rapidly interpreting, assimilating, and communicating complex issues
  2.  Summarize complex economic, financial, and scientific concepts issues clearly, concisely, and authoritatively for daily three-hour live national television show covering business, economics and the markets
  3.  Report daily breaking news and trends in all areas of business including corporate earnings, leadership changes, and proposed legislation with clear and concise visually engaging graphics in user-friendly formats. Decades of covering breaking news has made me nimble and able to adapt quickly to change.
  4. I know how to prepare and train people to feel comfortable in front of a camera regardless of whatever curve ball the anchors will throw
  5. One of my favorite things to do as a producer was to listen to people talk about themselves and find stories in their words and I think that translates well to client meetings for message development, media training and pitching new business

 Top 4 Experiences

  1.  Being a member of the original team that started the Fox Business Network in 2007, and being the thought leader who drove all editorial and visual aspects of market coverage for the show “Varney&Co.” for more than a decade
  2.  Market-reaction coverage including: Presidential and mid-term elections since 2000, Tech Boom and Bust, 9/11, Operation Iraqi Freedom, 2008 Financial Crisis, 2016 Brexit, Longest bull market in history, COVID-19 pandemic
  3.  Facilitated Six Sigma Greenbelt training at General Electric/NBCUniversal with design and implementation of procedure that analyzed digital-newsroom workflow in new CNBC facility.
  4. Editorial liaison to communications partner Burson-Marsteller for focusing and simplifying marketing messages and talking points on the health benefits of drinking green and black teas
    • Co-authored Nutrition Reviews article on Phytonutrients (57(9): (II) S41-S46)
    • Co-authored proposal on antioxidants to the US Food and Drug Administration
    • Edited “The Chemistry of Tea Flavonoids” and “Antioxidants in Tea” in the Tea and Health Issue of Critical Reviews in Food Science and Nutrition (Volume 37, Issue 8, 1997)
    • Edited “Tea Chemistry” in Critical Reviews in Plant Sciences (16(5): 415-

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