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Tammy D.

Tammy is an innovative, collaborative, and motivated HR leader with a 12-year history of partnering with organizations across industries to transform internal operations, launch effective programs that bolster retention rates, and foster a culture of achievement across all departments. Over the course of her career, she has consistently strengthened employee morale, health and wellness, and productivity by connecting with individuals and designing new vision-aligned programs that work for diverse employee groups.

Top 3 Attributes:

  1. Leadership – Tammy demonstrates ethical leadership daily. She strives for excellence and success in herself, her staff, and those that she encounters.
  2. Communicator – Tammy is a strong communicator, tailoring the message to each situation and working towards a positive outcome.
  3. HR Expertise – Strong knowledge in employment law and HR best practices. Tammy regularly is upgrading her knowledge and monitoring law changes to stay current on the latest practices.  COVID-19, for example, had daily changes and Tammy kept her organization apprised and on task.

Top 3 Experiences:

  1. 12 years of experience in Human Resources in areas such as employee and leadership training, employment law and compliance, investigations including high-level staff, benefits management, labor relations including negotiations, employee relations, and much more.
  2. Process improvement is one of Tammy’s strengths. She listens to people and assesses where the problems are and identifies ways to change the process and improve efficiency.
  3. Tammy developed the Star employee recognition program (based on the company’s values). This was the first step in changing the culture.


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