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Bad Boss - Unseen Physical impact

Posted By: Debbie Milks on July 25, 2017


Recently we posted an article about lay-offs and the physical effects a lay-off can have on someone's health.  Recently, Dr. Travis Bradberry, coauthor of Emotional Intelligence, posted an article about the impact a bad boss can have on your health.

Most of us can relate to this article because at one time or another we have had to deal with a bad boss. So are you the 27% that quit as soon as you could find a new job, or are you the 11% who quit right away even without a job, or are you part of the 59% who stay despite the boss and your work situation? Some people go into a challenging boss situation knowing what to expect, if you are that person you like the challenge for many reasons.

Some of you are lucky and have a great boss, this makes a company stronger and your work life exceptional. You might be wondering, what all the fuss is about, but over 75% of people polled by Dr. Bradberry felt they were in a “bad boss” situation. Is your health worth it?  It may be time to start rethinking your job, and with that where should you go. As a professional in the staffing and recruiting industry, I would recommend you reach out to recruiting firms, find out what your options might be. At Brookwoods Group we focus on the right fit and keep the human element in our job searches. Using tools to help us assess the client environment we work hard to make sure the right person is in the right job.

If you are a boss currently and have a team, ask yourself are you the leader or are you driving your team?