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Our Process

Our Process Is a Lot Like Matchmaking

We designed our process after years of experience to help us get to know our  professionals so that we can fit the right people with the right clients. We’re interested in understanding not just your skills and experiences, but also who you are and how you like to work. This helps us place you in the right opportunity to grow in your career. When you succeed, our clients succeed—and, of course, we succeed.

1. Overview: Get to Know Us

As we get to know you, you should get to know us. The more you know about Brookwoods Group, the more beneficial our partnership will be. Visit our website and see how our values and methods set us apart from other placement firms. Both our client and candidate testimonials can give you an idea of how our processes match people and clients so that they both thrive.

2. Introduction: Submit Your Resume

Now let’s see your “personal marketing deliverable” (otherwise known as your resume). We’ll review it and save it. Please upload your resume in the simplest form possible:

  • Word (.docx) or Text (.txt) document is preferred.
  • Avoid tables, cells, or any other kind of complex formatting
  • Please NO .PDF FILES.

The simpler your resume, the easier it is for us to identify the skills and experience that make you a perfect fit. To apply, go to our Application Page.

3. Review: Build a Profile

We’ll review your resume and build your personal profile. This is what we’ll present to clients for consideration.

4. Preliminary Assessment: Your Reputation and Personality

Brookwoods Group goes beyond the resume and begins a dialogue with you and the people you have worked with in the past. Here, we’ll gain a better understanding of your reputation, work ethic, and personality; we think these are actually more important than your experience, knowledge, and skills.

5. In-Depth Assessment: Finding the Gaps

If we think you may be the perfect fit for a specific marketing role, we’ll begin our in-depth assessment. This requires a signed application with a list of references and an online personality test. This test measures your compatibility with various company cultures and how you’ll likely work with other client team members. There’s also a writing exercise that gives you a chance to show us what you can do.

Every opportunity has a list of absolute “must haves” that are driven by what our clients need. If you lack any one of these, there’s going to be a gap and you won’t be successful in a particular role. With us, there’s no such thing as “good enough.” We make only Perfect Matches. It’s the only way we can create a beneficial and lasting working relationship that allows everyone involved to be successful.

Essentially, our approach helps us deliver solutions with three overarching criteria:

Capability – Professionals who can do the job well
Chemistry – Professionals who click with others in the workgroup
Character – Professionals with great attitude and ethics

6: Mapping: Possible Match with a Decent Proposal

At any given moment, Brookwoods Group has many client proposals in the works. For each proposal, we “map” individuals who we think will deliver a great job for this assignment. Our client proposals generally include a “scope of work” as well as the profile of the professional(s) we assign. We may map individuals who have already completed successful assignments with us, or who are new and have been thoroughly assessed, or who have been assessed and with whom we have a long-standing relationship.

7: Team Assessment: We Meet You

Here, we bring in folks who closely match the criteria our clients set for current, active assignments. There’s simply not enough time to interview everyone—just the ones we think are a close match. We’re simply trying to get a feel for your natural communications style and personality, so we can see how you’ll fit into the client’s workgroup. If you’re not selected for an assignment, don’t take it as a failure on your part—it’s just not a good fit for that particular assignment. Don’t worry, there will be other opportunities!

8: Client Assessment: You Meet the Client

All these time-consuming assessments can be exhausting, but they’re necessary. If you are going to work in clients’ offices for months on end, it’s understandable that clients would want to meet you before making a final decision. Here, you’ll meet with our clients for an in-person review.

9: Hiring: Yep, You’re Hired

Ta-da! This is when the client approves our proposal and we firmly allocate our employees to that assignment or extend an employment offer, which could be a contract, contract-to-hire, or permanent placement. If this is a permanent placement, our client usually handles the hiring details.