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Our Culture

Dual Personalities Welcomed Here

Change is a constant at Brookwoods Group, so having a personality that combines emotional maturity with mental flexibility will get you far. Our professionals have a duality of character that affords them the ability to adapt to changing environments both within our industry as well as with our clients.

Our ultimate candidates are:

  • Strategists and Tacticians
  • Insiders and Outsiders
  • Employees and Consultants
  • Leaders and Followers
  • Creators and Coordinators
  • Professional and Personable
  • Catalysts and Peacekeepers
  • Detached and Engaged

Our ideal professionals are defined in terms of eight values:

  • Reliable: Great Reputation / Dependable / Integrity
  • Professional: Fearless yet Consultative Approach / Collaborative
  • Motivated: Organized and Self-Motivated
  • Leader: Takes Initiative and Follows Through
  • Player: Team-Oriented with Positive Attitude
  • Smart: Excellent Communicator / Creative
  • Personable: Great Relationship Developer
  • Unflappable: Flexible / Sense of Humor / (Slightly Crazy)