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About Us

We Have Professionals.

At Brookwoods Group, we understand how to match the right professionals with the right projects and companies. Whether it's engineering, accounting, marketing, communications, change, quality, continuous improvement, health/safety/environment (HSE) professionals or other professional positions, we look beyond each candidate’s skills, knowledge, and experience into their character and personality. This means that the people we send to work with you become part of your team and create more value faster.

Since 1998, Brookwoods Group has been providing staffing, recruiting, and program management services for marketing and sales; marketing communications; digital and web; change initiatives; quality, continuous improvement, HSE and more. From long-term, on-site contracts to permanent recruiting, as well as contract-to-permanent assignments, we’ve become known for carefully matching experienced professionals to interesting assignments and creating value for our clients.

Strong Relationships Built Daily

Using our proven proprietary process, we select only those professionals who can and want to make a difference in your business. In addition to their knowledge, skills, and experience, our people build strong relationships with your stakeholders—from customers, clients, and employees to investors, communities, and partners. We identify the right people for the right roles, tailored to your company’s unique culture.

Our Criteria for Success

We don’t hire just anyone. Our people have the tangible and intangible qualities that help them over-deliver for our clients every day. We look for the following:

Capability – Professionals who can do the job well

Chemistry – Professionals who click with others in the workgroup

Character – Professionals with great attitude and ethics

Our People Have Experience That Gives Them Deeper Understanding.

All of our staff have well-rounded experience in marketing and communications, giving them deeper understanding of your challenges and goals. They’ve been the client, a consultant, or both. They intuitively know that the client is the most important person in our business, and they live by the following rules:

Responsiveness – Timely response or follow-up to all

Responsibility – Personal commitment to the outcome

Respectfulness – Treating others as we would want to be treated

Our Commitment to Diversity

Brookwoods Group is certified both as a VETERAN-owned business by the National Veteran Business Development Council (NVBDC) and as an LGBT-owned business by the National GLBT Chamber of Commerce (NGLCC).

We believe that any workforce should include a diverse mix of people in various races, colors, religions, creeds, genders, national origins, ages, abilities, orientations, and experiences from different relationships and disciplines. Having a diverse workforce is the right thing to do and the different experiences and perspectives help your team approach every opportunity, problem, and situation from multiple angles, making your business better. Diverse workforces and suppliers address customer needs better, solve challenging problems with more creativity, more quickly recognize opportunities and are able to strategically adapt as needed.