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The Home Office Management Effectiveness Study (HOMES)

We help your employees work from home better.

Working from home takes special skills and competencies, whether the impetus for work from home is public health, cost reduction, or employee flexibility.

The Home Office Management Effectiveness Study (HOMES) developed by Brookwoods Group leverages several existing tools to create a picture of how well individuals in a workgroup are able to work from home.

How it works:

For each person, the study examines the alignment of specific factors critical to
effective work at home based on:

  • Personality Assessment (online multiple choice questions)
  • Natural Talents Inventory (online multiple choice questions)
  • Peer & Manager Survey (online ratings and open questions)
  • Behavioral Interview (phone or video call with interviewer)

For the Professional Employee:

  • Significant valuable insight regarding individual characteristics, behaviors and habits in the context of working from home PRODUCTIVELY.
  • Specific actions and strategies to be an effective remote worker and team player.

For the Workgroup Leader:

  • Collated results for the entire workgroup.
  • Action plan for individuals and the group as a team.
  • Cost of group study is usually within normal professional development budgets.

Brookwoods Group recommends specific actions and strategies to leverage the employee’s strengths and offset their shortcomings in this context.

If you manage people, the HOMES assessment can help you get the most out of your team members who are working from home. To learn more, contact us or call 832-200-9342.