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What Can We Do? Well, What Do You Need?

I need someone here on contract.

When you need experienced marketing & communications, change, quality, continuous improvement & health/safety/environment (HSE) professionals but don’t want to hire someone full-time, Brookwoods Group can help with Professional Contract Staffing. We work with you to understand your challenge, and then we select only the candidates who have the right skills—both hard and soft. These are not subcontractors but full-time employees of Brookwoods Group, specifically selected for you based upon their capabilities, chemistry, and character.

Once they’re on the job, we take care of their benefits, including medical, dental, 401(k), and time off. We also oversee their performance and develop them using feedback from you and your team. We constantly monitor and document their progress and are always seeking ways they can add value to your organization. But, because they’re the right fit to begin with, they don’t need a lot of training; they’re part of your team, ready to deliver results immediately. And because they’re at your location the entire time, communication is clearer, the work is completed faster, and they develop deeper relationships with you and your team.

Let’s say you grow to love them as much as they love you. You can hire your Brookwoods Group employee permanently to your team. All of our Contract Staffing solutions can turn into a risk-free “Try Before You Buy” option that gives you time to actually work with a team member before hiring them full time. You get to know them and how they work every day. Before every engagement, we’ll work through the options as well as the fees and details with you.

I need a someone to manage a program or project.

You’re buried and suddenly your CEO comes to you with an “important” project. Your staff is overburdened working on their priorities that are critical to your organization’s success. But let’s face it—so is the CEO’s project, right? Enter Brookwoods Group’s Program Management Solution. While similar to our Professional Contract Staffing, Program Management focuses on a specific project where you need expert consulting. We use our own resources and processes to take it to completion, leaving you and your team free to focus on other projects.

We’ll use our process to select an experienced professional or professionals pre-screened especially for your company or work-group. While they work on your assignment under our oversight, they remain Brookwoods Group employees with all applicable benefits, including medical, dental, 401(k), and time off. These are always experienced professionals drawn from our deep talent pool, so they know what to do and can get it done faster.

Once on board, your consultant is all yours and focused 100 percent on your assignment. No other client priorities. No moonlighting. No conflicts. No distractions. Your consultant becomes part of your team at your business location, making communications clearer, completing tasks faster, forming deeper relationships, and keeping confidentiality secure.

I need someone to direct hire.

You have a permanent marketing & communications or change, quality, continuous improvement & health/safety/environment (HSE) position opening, and we have the processes and insight to help you find the right person to fill it. Brookwoods Group works with you and your human resources department (if need be) to define the role and responsibilities, gather the right candidates, and thoroughly screen them, including personality profiles, in-depth interviews, and work sample reviews. We run background checks and leverage our expertise to make sure our candidates will be compatible with your team. Our Contingent Recruiting solution allows you to hire permanent marketing and communications team members with confidence.

I need help managing my search.

At Brookwoods Group, we take pride in tailoring our services according to what our clients need. With our Search Support Services, we take on the task of searching so that you can focus on your prime responsibilities. We lend our expertise in marketing and communications, change, quality, continuous improvement and health/safety/environment (HSE) to help you sort through your stack of candidates to find the “just-right” people to fill your open positions.

We’ll refine and affirm the job description, sort through all the candidates, conduct initial phone screenings of each good candidate, and narrow it down to a ranked short list. You can add candidates from many sources if you like, and we’ll reach out to them while preserving your relationships. We may even add some superstars of our own to your list! Rest assured, we won’t recruit any of your candidates for other positions without your consent, and we’ll clearly identify ourselves as contacting them on your behalf.

In the end, we’ll handle the entire process, making sure you’re considering CAPABLE candidates with the right CHEMISTRY and CHARACTER who fit with your culture.

I need expert consultants.

You have a problem with no solution in sight, and you need someone with specific expertise to help you resolve it. It may be a marketing or communications problem, a business development challenge or an issue in quality or HSE. Instead of hiring a full-time expert, Brookwoods Group Defined Solutions lets you “borrow” experts who can assess the problem and assemble a team that works full time as our employees to solve it. We assess your company and your department’s role, and define what success looks like. Then we execute and leave at the end of the engagement. There’s no redistribution of employees to other parts of your company or personnel issues with layoffs or terminations—just a resolution that allows you to move on to other priorities.