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Quality Assurance

QualityAssuranceBrookwoods Group’s Expert Recruiters Connect You with the Quality Assurance Professionals Who Fit Your Organization

At Brookwoods Group, we understand how integral QA people are for the continued growth and success of your organization – not to mention the preservation of your great reputation. The right kind of talent can make a big difference.

Our expert headhunters have unique insight into what industries need, and use this knowledge to seek out the right kind of talent for any position. In an ever-evolving and competitive corporate world, it’s imperative to find professionals who possess the skills, industry knowledge and experience you need.

As a quality control and quality assurance staffing agency, we ensure each professional we submit to you meets your specific set of requirements that will make them the ideal candidate. Along with a life science degree and the relevant experience in product development, we know that quality assurance candidates need the right skill set that will make them a valuable asset to your team. Among these skills are impeccable communication — both verbal and written — a keen eye for details, and, possibly, the ability to telecommute.

We treat your search for the perfect QA candidate as a quality control exercise itself!

Our expert quality assurance recruiters look beyond the candidates’ basic education and experience; we delve into their character and personality as well. The right kind of talent seamlessly fits into your company’s culture and values. Our criteria for success heavily focus on capability, chemistry and character to find the perfect talent for some of the top companies in Texas.

We’ll assess your specific needs and develop custom solutions to place the right people in the right places.

Brookwoods Group takes the time and hassle out of finding the right people for your organization. Call us and let’s get started.