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Public Relations Staffing and Recruiting

Build Your Public Relations Team with Houston’s Premier Staffing and Recruiting Partner

Building a best-in-class public relations (PR) team takes a keen eye for talent and a deep understanding of the local market. If you’re building a PR team, then you’ll need direct-hire and contract-staffing professionals to help you get things done.

At Brookwoods Group, we connect you with the perfect-fit PR professionals who have been properly screened and can communicate your brand message and move your business forward. Our experienced recruiters take the time to understand your unique PR goals and company culture. We utilize our extensive network and proven recruitment process to identify candidates who excel in the areas you need to grow:

  • Media Relations:Building strong relationships with journalists and securing placements in top-tier publications.
  • Content Creation:Crafting compelling press releases, social media content, and other communications materials.
  • Crisis Communication:Developing and executing effective strategies to manage negative press and protect your reputation.
  • Social Media Management:Engaging your target audience and fostering brand loyalty across social media platforms.
  • Analytics and Measurement:Tracking the impact of your PR efforts and demonstrating the return on investment to stakeholders.

Our Unique PR Staffing and Recruiting Recipe

At Brookwoods Group, we’re not here to fill slots. We’re here to find perfect-fit PR professionals who can get the job done now and lead in the future. Our proven process enables us to find staffing professionals and direct-hire executives who mesh seamlessly with your company’s culture.

At our PR staffing agency, we weigh the following attributes:

  • Talent: We assess soft skills like communication, teamwork, and problem-solving. These are natural abilities that successful candidates possess. Can the candidate communicate their thoughts and ideas clearly whether in verbal or written form? Do they possess the emotional intelligence to master internal dynamics and client relationships? Do they simply identify problems or do they identify them and provide solutions? These talents are innate and are common with top performers.
  • Skills:Skills like software proficiency and data analysis can be taught over the course of a career. Given that, professionals who have some skills in one area can parlay them into another. Take software. If you know how to use Microsoft Word, then learning Pages from Apple should be easy.
  • Knowledge:Over time, professionals will amass a field of knowledge based on their experiences. From a PR standpoint, this includes what to say and what not to say in a press release. Or knowing who to contact as you manage an oilfield explosion crisis. This library of knowledge is of value, because under certain circumstances you need to access it quickly—it cannot be taught on the fly as the situation is occurring.
  • Experience: Knowledge and experience are similar, but not the same. Experience is what you’ve done, like leading a major project that demonstrates your management skills. You can show instances where you improved efficiency and saved your organization time or money.
  • Attitude:This reflects how you approach projects, issues, or situations. Did you panic or did you face it head on? Did you realize positive change when faced with a problem? Are you able to show demonstrable evidence of your attitude in the form of customer satisfaction numbers or recommendations from coworkers and supervisors?
  • Relationships:The people you know are important because they can validate your association. We know that birds of a feather flock together, so who will vouch for your character? Are you able to provide references from those people? And who referred you to your latest opportunity?

In order to build a strong PR team, you need recruiting expertise, experience, dedication, and the right skill set. Brookwoods brings each of these qualities to the table to help you build the dream team that steers you toward success.

Let Brookwoods Group Leverage Our Staffing Network to Build the Team You Need Now and Tomorrow

Using our extensive network and rigorous recruitment process, the recruiters at Brookwoods Group hand-select the most qualified PR professionals in Houston who are the perfect fit for your team’s and company’s culture. Whether you need mid-level media relations professionals or more seasoned PR crisis management executives, we can assemble the right mix to help you bring your initiatives to fruition.

Public Relations professionals were our FIRST client assignments 25 years ago and have always been an important and visible part of our staffing and recruiting portfolio. We know virtually every public relations professional in Texas and can most likely find the perfect-fit professional for your team!

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