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Why Join Us

The Perfect Professional Position Awaits.

Brookwoods Group is about finding the right people for the right positions. Our Houston staffing and recruiting experts examine your resume for experience and skills, and then we use our proprietary screening process to identify and evaluate the intangibles that make you a highly sought-after professional.

As a professional with Brookwoods Group, you’ll enjoy placement options from contract roles to direct-hire opportunities. You’ll leverage your experience, knowledge, and skills to help a company overcome a single challenge one day and possibly interview for the ultimate permanent position the next. It’s up to you how you want to take advantage of your opportunities to develop your professional career.

Both our professionals and our clients are important. We get to know each of our employees before sending them on assignment, to make sure we match the right employee with the perfect client company. If you’re not happy and fulfilled with your placement, chances are the client won’t be either.

Here’s what you can expect working with Brookwoods Group:

  1. Careful and Thorough Listening: We take the time to understand you both as a professional and as a person. We’ll discover what you need to be successful, what your personality is like, what your challenges are, and what kind of opportunities you’re looking for.
  2. Sound Advice: We’ve been doing this for a long time, and we can help you be a better candidate in today’s marketplace. We’ll leverage our 100-plus years of experience, skills, and knowledge to help you understand the value of your personal attributes and present you in the best possible light, both on paper and in person.
  3. Working Partnership: Your success is our success, and with you as part of our team, we can grow together—you, our clients, and the company.
  4. Regular Communications: We’ll let you know things when we know them. We also welcome your feedback and offer it in return right away.
  5. Focused Opportunity: We match you only with opportunities that are the perfect fit for you so you can stand out like a laser in a sea of floodlights. Your time is too valuable for you to be sent off on long shots.
  6. Consistent Follow-up: We’ll follow up at every step of the way, so you know where things stand and how you can advance yourself.
  7. Ongoing Support: When you become our employee or “client-hired” placement, we’ll check in on a regular basis to see if we can make a great situation even better.