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Our Process

Our Client Process Creates the Perfect Fit

At Brookwoods Group, our candidate- and client-focused process ensures that the professionals we place possess the skills and personality traits to fit seamlessly on your team. We understand marketing and all its vibrant components, and how each can be the voice of your company. We know this requires extensive, often complex collaboration among many people from many disciplines across your company.

When you team up with us, you’ll benefit from our insights into each person’s abilities and experiences that go far and beyond a simple resume. Sure, each job posting clearly spells out the minimal requirements and details of the available position, including a list of absolute “must haves,” but we want you to know our candidates as professionals and not just as resources. We go beyond keyword searching to ensure that our professionals will fit your needs.

Our six steps help you find the Perfect Fit employee:

1. Benchmarking

We get to know you. In our initial step, we seek to understand you, your company, and department culture, processes, and procedures. We visit your office to get a firsthand look and conduct due diligence to develop criteria that will help us place the right candidate. We help turn what we know into what we do for our clients. Brookwoods’ professional placement team combines years of experience as a client and hiring manager, as a marketing or communications professional, and as a project recruitment and staffing expert to make sure you get more than paper shuffling and HR generalist knowledge. We do not screen and pass candidates; we benchmark and recruit professional talent for a unique niche.

We also want you to know us. We’re proud of what we do and the way we do it, and our ability to place marketing & communications, change, quality, continuous improvement & HSE professionals has been refined over years.

2. Needs Analysis

In order to solve the problem, we have to understand it. We first determine what your goals are: Is this project being started because of a new initiative or a single need to fill a gap? Do you need a permanent employee to add to your team, or to replace someone already on the team? We take time to understand what your goals are for the position and, finally, what will satisfy the skills and behavior requirements for the long-term or short-term solution. We consider all the internal and external variables relating to your need.

3. Strategic Action Plan

Once we have a firm grasp of your company’s challenge, we’ll develop a clear, concise document addressing your situation and how we will help you solve it. In collaboration with your hiring manager, we define the requirements and soft skills for the position or positions.

4. Talent-Driven Execution

Before our candidates ever show up at your office, we’re already working behind the scenes making sure we are meeting your defined goals, so you’ll notice a difference as soon as our professionals begin their assignments. We’ve already put in the time to understand your company and its challenges, so the professionals we place with you will be perfectly matched to the assignment, productive, and results-driven from day one.

5. Continuous Engagement

After a candidate has been placed, we don’t abandon you or our professional. Even with a permanent placement, our professionals know they can call on us at any time. We stay engaged and responsive throughout the duration of the contract. Our Account Managers are regularly on-site, handling all supervision and oversight of our professionals, making sure you get timely status reports and updates. This monitoring of our engagements allows our professionals to consistently add value to the project and your company. You always have the option to extend the contract as this value is demonstrated to increase. Over 90 percent of our contracts have been extended for at least one term.

6. Goals Accomplished

Once the project is complete and all deliverables are finished, we leave behind documentation and resources so that the work can be continued or expanded. We want to do great work and leave a lasting impression that continues to drive your business forward long after we’ve left. We guarantee that your needs will be met. In fact, in the history of our company, we have never had a client invoke the guarantee. Our process works.