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Why Hire Us?

Why Brookwoods Group Is a Perfect Fit for Your Company

We understand professionals beyond skills and experience. Hiring the right people for engineering, accounting, marketing, communications, change, quality, continuous improvement, HSE and other professional roles can be daunting. Many companies select these specialized people the same way they fill administrative and accounting positions: by focusing on the hard skills and overlooking the soft skills needed to be effective.

Want the best executives onboard? Work with leading recruiters in Houston, Austin and San Antonio, Texas.

We Leverage Insight to Find the Perfect Fit for Your Team

At Brookwoods Group, we have the background and experience that give us insight into the nuances of finding great people who can instantly add value. While any recruiter can match a resume to a job description, bullet point by bullet point, we go beyond features and thoroughly assess the candidate’s intangible competency for your specific role. We look at each candidate and weed out any professional who lacks your must-have criteria. Additionally, each of our candidates undergoes an extensive process involving interviews, personality tests, and reference checks so we can match the right chemistry and character to fit your team.

Service after the Placement

When you choose a Brookwoods Group professional for your role, you are simplifying what is usually a lengthy, costly process while adding enormous value to your organization. And it doesn’t stop there. We visit our job sites regularly as well as monitor and measure the success of our placement. And our contract employees are available whenever and however long you need them—all while we provide them with benefits, professional development, and oversight.

Permanent Results

For permanent hires, Brookwoods Group facilitates both direct-hire and contract-to-hire role fulfillment. Our expertise in engineering, accounting, marketing, communications, change, quality, continuous improvement, HSE and other professional roles takes the pressure off human resource departments and executives by making the search for competent, direct-hire candidates faster, easier, and more effective. A contract-to-permanent placement through Brookwoods Group reduces the hiring risk by giving the candidate and the company time to evaluate each other before making a direct-hire offer.

Our Team Helps You Build Your Team

Brookwoods Group is not just a recruiting firm; we go beyond filling a chair, utilizing our years of experience in the verticals where we recruit. You’ll have the opportunity to work with our tenured team over and over. Even though we’re in the City of Houston, we can find professionals all over the United States—even those seemingly impossible-to-find people who can match your company’s specific needs. If you have a temporary, long-term, or permanent need, contact us today.