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Get Talent

Quality Professionals Are Different.

Hiring professionals isn’t like hiring for other positions within your company. As with any skilled position, hard skills can be easily represented on a resume; but, in our experience, successful people in these fields possess soft skills that make them flourish. That insight has helped us place people in a variety of positions from science and engineering to marketing and communications who make a real difference in permanent as well as contract positions with companies all over the Houston area.

You see, all Brookwoods Group employees undergo an extensive assessment to help us—and you—understand their specific skills, experience, and character traits, and how they’ll work within your organization. We’re experts in finding great professionals in these "quirky" professions, going beyond the candidates’ capabilities and education and into the intangible factors that have made these people successful in their careers.

The People You Need Now. And Tomorrow.

Marketing & communications and quality & HSE are fast-paced and dynamic disciplines. What worked yesterday doesn’t necessarily hold true to what works today. It’s constantly evolving, and that means new people, new projects, and new directions for your company.

At Brookwoods Group, we have the people you need—prescreened and ready—to keep up with best practices and what’s working now. From a single project with a tight deadline to building a full department with permanent positions, we can help. We have a proven process that quickly identifies and places the appropriate professionals in the right roles in whatever capacity your company or team needs.

Pre-selected for a Perfect Fit

When you hire Brookwoods Group professionals, you get people who have been meticulously assessed and carefully selected for your specific need. Because the right fit is so important, we get to know your department and what it will take to be successful. Our professionals’ skills and qualities integrate with those of your current staff, allowing them to hit the ground running from day one. We save your company time and money that would have otherwise been spent hiring, training, or attempting to coach the wrong people.