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Houston Strong, Yet Again...

Posted By: David Drake on November 10, 2017

Houston is known for bouncing back, from the days of Boom Town to Bust to the downturn we recently experienced to Hurricane Harvey, and now things are looking up once again for our resilient city. We’re cautiously optimistic and are eager for the next way of new jobs that this article from Collin Eaton and the Houston Chronicle portends.

By estimates, Houston is looking at an opportunity to employ some additional 70K plus professionals next year and that will put us back on a positive employment growth track. Here at Brookwoods Group, we’ve seen an uptick in new employment opportunities, yet those opportunities come about only after the internal procedures of our clients have exhausted every avenue for identifying top talent.

We’ve learned many highly qualified professionals are moving away from using portals as their submission option of choice because they feel lost in the sea of other applicants, many of whom are simply applying to meet the minimum requirements to maintain unemployment. What that does is clog up the portals with candidates that are nowhere near qualified for the roles posted, thus leaving internal recruiting departments hopelessly bogged down trying to find any good candidates, especially since so many HR departments have also been faced with deep cuts themselves.  That’s why having trusted partners like Brookwoods Group who can introduce highly-qualified, thoroughly pre-screened candidates is more important today than ever.

Hiring challenges will always be a part of the process. But they don’t have to affect your ability to attract the best professionals to fill the growing number of vacancies you’ll be filling over the next year.  Instead, let’s work together to ensure your company’s success during this next boom!  After all, you can’t expect to beat the competition if you don’t hire winners.