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From Land to Sea: Oil & Gas Jobs Could Move Offshore

Posted By: David Drake on January 16, 2015

While most of the news about the economy and the Oil & Gas industry lately has focused on falling prices Business agreement on energy tradeand doomsday scenarios, one very important sector is booming at record levels and fueling major job growth: offshore deepwater drilling in the Gulf of Mexico. According to a recent USA Today article, drilling permits have risen by 4,300% in just the past four years.

Given the recent job cuts announcements from Halliburton and BP, this is good news for job seekers along the Gulf Coast—especially Houston. There is and will continue to be a growing need for every type of professional and skilled laborer necessary to staff all of these rigs, drillships, platforms, transfer stations, pipe-laying vessels, crew boats, supply vessels fabrication yards, etc. And, just about every one of these operations requires safety and quality control professionals.

Brookwoods Group now specializes in staffing, recruiting and project management for change, quality, continuous improvement and health/safety/environment professionals. We’re using the same process that has placed hundreds of marketing and communications professionals in permanent as well as project-only positions since 1998. We don’t just find people, we find the people who are perfect fit for our client companies and the teams with whom they will be working.