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New Year's Resolutions: Work Related

Posted By: Debbie Milks on December 29, 2016

Every year people make various New Year’s Resolutions. This year it looks like many are considering work related changes. Based on the survey and article posted in Staffing Industry, 62% of US workers indicated they planned to make changes.

Since we spend so much time at work, I thought it was important to share this article and some insights. In Houston many people are still working in jobs that would normally be done by 3 to 4 people. Due to all of the reductions in workforce in the Oil and Gas industry people that remain in the department are overloaded right now.

If you are responsible for staff in your company it is time to look at their needs and make sure you have staff that is committed and happy in their positions. A disgruntled workforce can lead to many issues and low morale. What if some of your people are considering a new role in 2017, what would that do to your workload? Training new people is costly and you never regain all the experience you lose by having a few team members leave. If you have someone who leaves consider what the cost would be to hire and train new people.

At Brookwoods Group we are prepared to help you ease some of the workload by hiring contractors to fill in gaps or complete projects that are stalled because your team can not get everything done.  The fact that 90% of the people surveyed were considering a change in their industry, how much could Houston lose if too many people leave the Oil and Gas industry?

As employees – what are some of your resolutions? Are you looking at ways to update your skills and knowledge? Is an advanced degree in the horizon? Are you up to date with new digital marketing plans? Are you involved in making strategic decisions? Are you ensuring your team has growth opportunities? Will you find yourself shorthanded due to team members advancing in their careers?

If so, don’t fret! We have a team of professionals ready to work using all of their experience to help a company move forward. Talk with you in 2017!