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Not getting responses - It's Your Resume

Posted By: Marilyn Emanuel on August 2, 2016

My reumeMost professionals who’ve been through the Brookwoods Group recruiting process will tell you that while we don’t offer resume writing as a service, we do give exceptional advice to our candidates with regard to their resume. One such professional was kind enough to let us know that she heard from a professional resume writer who told her resume was excellent with zero edits recommended. According to the resume writing company’s expertise, her resume put her squarely in the top 4% of all job seekers!

What have you been told? Are you being led down a dark path of resume parsing software and not hearing anything from anyone other than the obligatory “thank you for applying…”? It may be the structure, it may be the words you are using, it could be that the formatting kept it from being downloaded into the parsing software, or it could be something else altogether. One thing is for certain, if your resume is poorly written, poorly structured or poorly formatted, you could be cutting your nose off to spite your face.

Our team has penned many articles on resumes. Here are a few so you can get some fresh reminders:

And this external piece really struck a chord with our team:

Remember, the resume is your tool. Use it wisely and to gain an entrance. Once the entrance is gained, you are in a position to use your personality, your WOO, your intellect, and your storytelling to bolster your chances of securing the position of your dreams. That first impression lasts about five seconds. Are YOU ready for that five seconds?