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SXSW 2012 Industry Insight: iTriage

Posted By: Brookwoods Group on April 11, 2012

Our team headed to SXSW last month in Austin to meet fellow interactive professionals and learn about the new trends on the horizon.  What we didn't expect was to meet marketing, communication, and interactive professionals from so many different types of industries!

Throughout the course of the week, our team was able to connect with and learn from interactive colleagues from a broad spectrum of  industries, including Oil & Gas, Healthcare, Education, HiTech, Non-Profit, and Aerospace.  Although the industries function quite differently from each other, the majority of us can leverage the same or similar initiatives to connect with our own users.

Which is why when we met Kevin Wanek and the rest of their team at iTriage, we knew our users had to learn about them!

Kevin's description of iTriage's strategy and drive to empower their users transcends industries.  Businesses are beginning to learn the value of the user experience so we hope this will be an increasing trend we see throughout organizations.  Developing your marketing strategy to include a focus on improving the user experience may seem less important than other key objectives, but iTriage reveals that you can successfully build a business focused on empowering your customers!

(Video Transcript Provided Below)

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SXSW Interview with Kevin Wanek from iTriage   TRANSCRIPT

Kevin Wanek:  My name is Kevin and I am with iTriage, a mobile healthcare application for consumers.  Our goal right now is to really get help to the people who need it when they need it… So that’s kind of what we’re focusing on.  What we’re seeing in the future and what we’re gonna be focusing on is personalization and how technology can help people make their decisions easier and better and more efficient, especially in the healthcare industry.

How we’re going to do that: we’re going to be integrating with partners such as insurance companies, healthcare providers -- across the board --  so that we can provide the data to consumers in an easy to read way… and (when it’s available) with mobile technology.   So that’s kind of the direction that we’re heading right now.  The businesses love it.  All of our clients will be working with a lot of healthcare providers right now – all the hospitals.  They think it’s great that we’re moving in that direction to really empower our users to make better healthcare decisions.  So, even at here at South by Southwest, people are loving it….

Whether it’s people at insurance companies or with other technology companies…  That we’re offering these solutions to both providers (to access and engage their consumers) but also that consumers can empower themselves in their healthcare.  So that’s what we are really looking forward to at iTriage.