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SXSW 2012 Industry Insight: SavvyCard

Posted By: Brookwoods Group on April 12, 2012

Our SXSW 2012 Industry Insight series continues today with another organization that understands the power of a successful user experience!

Our team met Daud Power of SavvyCard while exploring the SXSW Tradeshow last month in Austin.  The SavvyCard app provides several customizable options so that when prospective clients are looking for more information about you or your services (and expertise), it's just a click away!

Sales and business development teams will automatically understand the cool factor this app provides.  SavvyCard's focus on a quality user experience makes this tool an attractive resource for industry professionals.  Even job seekers can take advantage of this digital tool as well, making them more marketable to a potential employer.

(Video Transcript Provided Below)

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SXSW Interview with Daud Power from SavvyCard   TRANSCRIPT

Daud Power:  Hi I’m Daud Power of Savvy Phone and we’re here at South by Southwest announcing the public launch of our SavvyCard product, which is an outbound marketing and personal branding tool and what we’ve found with our early users, who have predominantly been small business users, that they have found it very effective as a tool whereby they can reach out to existing clients and also new clients in a much richer way than a conventional just outbound sales call.  For example, what happens with Savvy Card is that at the end of the process of creating your own SavvyCard, you get a number of graphical assets, one of the being a graphical email signature  which can embed at the bottom of your emails so now when you send the email out to a prospective client or an existing client partner or supplier, that it actually puts a face to the name – where we’ve found that with a lot of people, particularly where there’s a lot of outbound sales activity where the end potential customer has never seen the person, it has a real resonance where they feel like they already know the person before they’ve  even met them.

And this leads us one of the other things that’s happening is the graphical assets is the QR code, that’s also generated and you can have on your printed materials which will then direct any users whether it’s a data sheet or a point of sale material so that when they scan it takes them straight to your Savvy Card, whether it’s a SavvyCard that’s branded again for business or to the individual, for example, the sales person for a particular area.

And also from a prospective of educating the potential client as to your own skills in a particular area, the Savvy button you can configure that to link to articles there in the national press or trade press that show your client you know your space, so it’s an educational tool as well.

In terms of why we’re the richer experience versus a standard business card is that because our technology is a web app it means that the recipient namely the person that gets sent to link to your card, whether from email signature or printed material, they can – they don’t need to download an application, they just click on the link and it takes them to your SavvyCard.  Also, as long as they have a browser, it doesn’t matter if they are on a desktop a tablet or a smart phone we actually dynamically adapt so that if we recognize the user is on a smart phone, that when the user then hits the call button, it will regularly call the phone, whereas on the desktop it will just display the phone number, or if they have Skype integrated, it will initiate the call or ask the user if they want to initiate the call via Skype.

Similarly, the find me button which the person can configure to have their actual physical location, it will use the mobile device’s GPS to give them, show them on the map, where the location that is and they can also use Google Maps to find turn-by-turn directions.