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SXSW 2012 Industry Insight: Traxion Control

Posted By: Brookwoods Group on April 13, 2012

Our team headed to SXSW Interactive last month not knowing exactly what to expect, but we knew we wanted to share some of the golden tidbits with our readers.  As we mentioned earlier this week, the conference offered an invaluable experience for our team!  We were even fortunate enough to meet with some businesses on the SXSW tradeshow floor and have them share their views on future programs and initiatives that will drive businesses forward throughout 2012 and beyond!  We have been highlighting our SXSW Industry Insight series this week, with great success.

We conclude our series today with a video of our team member, Trish Cunningham, meeting with Traxion Control's Nikhil Potdar.  Traxion Control is a brand and marketing agency based out of Arlington, Virginia.

Nikhil brings up fantastic points about synergy, as well as his thoughts on what the future holds for brands and the power of integrated marketing to drive businesses forward!

(Video Transcript Provided Below)

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SXSW Interview with Nikhil Potdar from Traxion Control     TRANSCRIPT

Trish Cunningham:  We’re here at South-by-Southwest with Nikhil Potdar, he’s with Traxion Control and we’d like to ask Nikchil how he’s branching his company and working with businesses and clients to bring together the marketing and communications aspects of their business to help drive their clients and their own business forward.  Can you tell me how you got into marketing and brand marketing?

Nikhil Potdar:  Yes, that’s absolutely a great question.  A word that a lot of people try to shy away from is the word synergy.  They think it’s very commercial, very corporate, but synergy is the best way to connect the community and the humanistic aspects of all these brands and all these companies.  Companies should be humanized really easily just by remembering that all companies can be measured just like humans, like selling cars, so we take that approach because we’re from the music industry.  Everything is artist-centric and our M-O is to get your message across and coming from an artist-centric community helps us to understand that relationships and loyalties and really articulate the fact that marketing is not just about selling something, it’s about reaching people.  And to further answer your questions, synergy is a great way of taking a brand or an artist or a venue or a store and saying you guys should know each other –you guys would do great work together…if you aren’t aware of each other then let’s curate this process.

Trish Cunningham:  So basically it’s humanize the exchange before you monetize the transaction.  So tell us a little bit about how you’ll be using electronic media in addition to the traditional media with some of your clients to business their business forward

Nikhil Potdar:  That’s a great question and the most fun part is obviously the creative.  Our organization specializes in original creative production as well and the most fun of it is driving the arts, driving ideas driving creative components to it and where would creativity be in business without a way to monetize that.  Advertising – it’s another scary word that people in the arts community shy away from, but truly that it’s just arts, you can get your message across artistically, and thoughtfully and appropriately across through digital mediums such as mobile apps and they call it nontraditional, but advertising on blogs and websites will become traditional and it’s going to become how we perceive information and how we understand the world.

Trish Cunningham:  I absolutely agree – Nikhil thank you so much for talking with us today… Traxion Control – keep an eye out for them!