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Tips for Working from Home

Posted By: Debbie Milks on September 11, 2017

With so many people in clean-up mode here in Houston and businesses with closed campuses due to flooding and repairs, there are a great deal of people who find themselves working from home vs. working from their office. It is  great that so many professionals have this opportunity to keep business moving in the Houston Metropolitan area. I admire companies that have remained flexible in these tumultuous times.

I thought posting tips about working from a home office would help folks adjust to their working arrangements whether it is for a long-term plan or for only a few weeks. The full article from is listed below.

  1. Identify what needs to get done every day and make sure to do it
  2. Use the cloud, most companies have cloud access
  3. Get dressed
  4. Don't let friends stop by
  5. Get out of the house
  6. Make a stoplight for family members
  7. Invest in creating a comfortable office
  8. Be clear about your working hours
  9. Pretend you're not home
  10. Don't go to non-work appointments in the middle of the day
  11. Get in-person time with co-workers
  12. Use Google+ Hangouts – or the client’s intranet
  13. Enjoy your flexibility
  14. Enjoy disruptions
  15. Stay out of the kitchen
  16. Buy a noise-cancelling headset with a mute button if you will be on the phone a great deal, this could be helpful.
  17. Check in with co-workers and the boss several times a day
  18. Make use of free or inexpensive communications technology

Good luck!!