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3 Benefits of Working With an Experienced Executive Recruiter

Posted By: Brookwoods Group on October 21, 2020

In any industry, finding and engaging the right talent is an intense and time-consuming process—particularly for the C-suite, where a single failed hire can cost a company millions of dollars.

In fields such as healthcare administration, engineering, or marketing, the wrong hire can be disastrous for months—even years, in some cases—until the company can recover.

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Reputable executive recruiting firms, such as Brookwoods Group, can help companies hire the best-fit talent for them faster and with the peace of mind that comes from knowing the candidates not only have the skills to do the job but also fit the organization’s culture.

Here are some of the unique benefits of using an experienced executive search firm to increase the odds of hiring the right individuals the first time around.

Access to a Large Pool of Your Market’s Most Qualified Candidates

The most qualified candidates rarely come from one source. When they’re unhappy where they are or feel that it’s time to make a career move, they will scour through job boards looking for open positions. Or they’ll send a “smoke signal” through their network, letting people in their circles know that they are looking. Finding the right candidates for an executive role requires connectivity to the right networks and having a reputation for professionalism and discretion.

This is the advantage that top executive search firms bring. They invest resources and time into developing an extensive network of both qualified talent and connections to qualified talent. And because they have such a wide network that represents the market’s key industries, they can reach candidates who wouldn’t be aware of openings otherwise.

Comprehensive Recruitment Process

Before starting the recruitment process, experienced executive research firms first establish a deep understanding of the company’s requirements, objectives, and culture. For instance, at Brookwoods Group, we conduct detailed interviews with top executives and key stakeholders to accurately understand what the company’s culture is like and the role’s requirements. Then we compile this information into a profile that outlines skills and personality traits to look for in prospects.

Commitment to Inclusion and Diversity

In a recently conducted Gartner survey, 45% of HR managers and leaders reported a lack of diversity in their leadership bench. When you consider that higher leadership diversity translates to more innovation and thus higher revenues, the importance of diversity for modern businesses becomes apparent.

However, it can be quite challenging for companies to find and engage the right talent on their own while maintaining staff diversity. Many executive search firms can help your organization support your inclusion and diversity initiatives through this process. Ask your recruiter how it can help you recruit more diverse executive leaders as well as a more diverse workforce overall.


The recruiting experts at Brookwoods Group, a professional recruiting agency in Houston, will find and screen the best-fit candidates that possess both the hard and soft skills that your company is looking for in C-suite candidates. Contact one of our recruiting experts to get started.