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3 Critical Factors to Know When Hiring Accounting Professionals

Posted By: Moses Robles on July 24, 2021

Getting the right team in place at your accounting firm or in your internal finance department can take time and patience. As companies emerge from the pandemic and get on with in-office working again, they’re finding that they may have gaps in their team as they realize the true impact of layoffs or right-sizing moves.

Now that business seems to have resumed, organizations are staffing up to meet the surge of growth happening in 2021 and expected to continue in 2022. Some may have begun the process late and need to act quickly to fill key professional positions. This is why hiring a professional recruiting agency that can recruit and screen the best accounting and finance candidates for both professional experience and cultural fit is so important.

Here are a few things you should keep in mind while recruiting new accounting professionals, whether for a CPA firm or an internal finance department.

Accountant doing data analysis

1. Be Proactive in Seeking Out Candidates

Every organization wants to hire the best accountants for itself. Chances are, as with most professions, the best accounting professionals are probably already employed. Posting a job opening on your website or LinkedIn page may not be enough to attract the best talent for your openings. You need to be proactive when seeking out candidates and tap into your network.

2. Understand That Recruitment Is a Process

Remember, recruitment is a process that takes time. Be patient and take things step-by-step. For the best results, invest in a structured recruitment process or bring in a staffing and recruiting agency to help you.

Recruiting new professionals does not follow the same process as hiring for administrative positions. Many human resource departments mistakenly take a standard procurement process approach and end up having to do it all over again in a few months because they didn’t hire the right team member. Your recruiting process must go beyond the standard screening and interviews, and assess technical and interpersonal or soft skills.

If you employ the best recruitment practices and are patient with the process, you can find the best applicants to help your company prosper.

Accounting department employee

3. Invest in an Onboarding Experience

Finally, don’t think that once a candidate has accepted your offer, the recruitment process is over. You should also invest in creating an onboarding experience for your new recruits and view it as part of an ongoing recruitment process.

The onboarding experience is essentially how you introduce new candidates to your organization and help them settle in. Set your onboarding goals and take measures to make new employees feel welcome. You don’t want them handing in their notice a few months into the job.

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