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3 Essential Skills Quality Assurance (QA) Professionals Should Possess

Posted By: David Drake on January 5, 2022

Responsible for ensuring that products meet stringent quality standards, quality control professionals play a pivotal role in a company’s manufacturing process. These professionals are ultimately responsible for delivering on your company’s product quality, which is the center of the brand promise you make to your customers.A QA professional measuring grass.

We’ve been placing quality control professionals with companies for years and have assembled a list of the three most critical skills that the most successful people in these positions possess.

1. Attention to Detail

QA professionals must be highly detail-oriented. It’s important to note that these individuals are responsible for maintaining peak product quality, designing and implementing inspection activities, identifying and resolving problems, and consistently delivering exceptional outcomes.

If a candidate doesn’t have an eye for detail, they could potentially overlook critical errors or fail to implement the right changes.

2. Thoroughness


As you interview QA candidates, present scenarios, ask relevant questions, and offer a quiz that helps you understand how thorough they are. Are they willing to go the extra mile to achieve a near-perfect outcome? Or are they willing to settle for “good enough”? If you organization is pursuing excellence, the devil is indeed in the details, especially when it comes to quality control.

A QA professional inspecting a chemical sample.QA professionals should be more particular and assiduous than professionals in other industries. Since their role directly determines the standard of quality your company has in place, they need to push for excellence. The more thorough and meticulous they are, the better you are able to fulfill the promises you’ve made to your loyal customers.

3. Problem Solving

Needless to say, QA professionals should be adept at solving problems. Simply identifying issues doesn’t go far enough; they should also possess the insight, theoretical knowledge, and skills required to resolve critical errors carefully. Once the error is resolved, they must check and recheck the corrections that were made to ensure that everything is on track.

Make sure the candidate possesses excellent problem-solving skills. They should also be able to work well under pressure. With the amount of meticulousness the role requires, quality control professionals need to be passionate about the details. If candidates aren’t committed or a natural fit for the role, they may burn out at some point, leaving you back at square one, trying to fill the position again.

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