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3 Groovy Ways to Advance in Your Marketing Career

Posted By: Moses Robles on September 14, 2022

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It’s okay to feel a little stuck in your career or job, but there has never been a better time for those seeking new challenges. So if you’re looking to advance in your marketing career, be sure you’re connected to the right marketing executive recruiters and do these key things in your current position.

1. Fake It ‘Til You Make It, Daddy-o!

If you want to be the boss, learn how to think like a boss. It doesn’t matter whether you have an entry-level role or you are a mid- or senior-level marketing professional. Never go to your boss with a problem unless you have a solution for it. This shows that you’re a problem solver rather than a complainer. The idea is to be confident and consistent about what you do and earn your peers’ and managers’ confidence in your ability to think ahead. Speak knowledgeably and articulately about the business, don’t shy away from sharing ideas, and initiate dialogues.

Many people hesitate to speak directly to top-tier management and refrain from sharing their thoughts. However, when you’ve done your homework and you know what you’re talking about, people (management) will take you more seriously. Over time, this will put your name on the radar when it comes time to talk about promotions and other opportunities.

2. Stick to Your Own Groove, Sister!

There are many dimensions to marketing, so when you wear multiple hats and have marketing experiences in different areas in a smaller company, you become more valuable. However, in a larger corporate setting, you’ll need to specialize in one area in order to progress in your career. Don’t get us wrong, generalist roles have several advantages, but almost every large company has different marketing heads for different duties. For instance, they may have a social media marketing manager, a digital marketing manager, and a brand manager within their marketing department.

While generalist skills can help you manage teams and oversee marketing campaigns, specializing in a particular marketing role can help you advance more efficiently. Pick a specialty and develop your skills to grow past your role.

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3. Go With the Flow, Man.

In addition to developing the required technical skills, you should also work on building the soft skills that top marketing executives develop over years in business.

Employers actively look for professionals with technical and interpersonal skills who can communicate, listen, and display emotional intelligence. They add value to their departments and teams through their personal expertise, while showing cooperation among their peers as well as those above and below them. If you’re trying to move up the ladder, work on your leadership, communication, critical thinking, and decision-making skills to improve your marketability within your company.

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