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3 Recruitment Trends You Should Expect in 2023

Posted By: Debbie Milks on January 30, 2023

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The recruitment landscape changed drastically in 2021–2022. Fast forward to 2023, and we’re on the precipice of even bigger changes that have already started to crystallize. In this blog, we’ll offer a closer look at three recruitment trends for 2023. We’ll also help you understand the right way to hire candidates at a time when companies are facing a major talent shortage. Let’s begin.

1. Recruitment and Marketing Have Become Intertwined

Despite big tech companies like Google, Meta, and Amazon laying off workers in early 2023, companies in Houston are experiencing a talent shortage. You cannot hire quality professionals without marketing your business to them. Brand positioning is critical for hiring because it gives top people the sense that they’re part of something bigger. If your business is delivering its brand messages online on social media, professional networking platforms like LinkedIn, professional listings, and other platforms, you’re increasing its profile and value proposition to both customers and potential team members.

The best professionals do their research, and they’ll know whether or not you’re serious about your overall mission, vision, and values. If your values are community, you need to show the work that you do within the community. Without that evidence, you’ll seem inauthentic, and that’s a major turnoff when it comes to attracting top professional talent.

Authentic marketing campaigns that outline your company’s focus on customers and employee experiences help you position your brand as a phenomenal place to work. Building a strong brand identity and reputation spreads among workers, who become ambassadors on your behalf and enable your team to recruit other quality professionals. This makes the recruiting process easier and more effective.

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2. Less Dependency on Technology and Data-Driven Recruitment

an illustration of two workers using technology to recruit professional talent

Companies have a razor-sharp focus on gaining cost efficiencies. Data-driven recruitment practices help maximize efficiency, but many companies rely too heavily on data and technology without analyzing the insights that they provide.

For example, Google Analytics and Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) can help measure the effectiveness of a recruiting campaign, allowing you to see the number of visitors and applications completed. However, if those resumes are subjected to resume scanning software, which looks for keywords on a resume, you may realize that your process has a gap. If your software is seeking irrelevant keywords on a resume, then the technology is screening for the wrong attributes and is likely missing soft skills that are essential to a professional being successful in a particular position.

If you’re performing a search for perfect-fit professionals, use facts and statistics to help you make smarter decisions that may reduce costs and time, but don’t rely on them fully to make decisions for you. You need a human being to intervene in the process to evaluate a professional’s intangibles.

3. Lower Retention Rates

In 2023, talent retention will become increasingly difficult as the talent shortage creates additional opportunities for top professionals.

Remember, you’re competing with dozens or possibly hundreds of other businesses that offer remote work positions, great benefits, opportunity for growth and advancement, flexible hours, exciting training opportunities, a positive work culture, team events, and so on. If you don’t raise the bar, your best team members are vulnerable to taking a better opportunity elsewhere.

In 2023, experts are predicting lower retention rates as more and more high-quality candidates seek better opportunities. As a hiring manager, it’s important to communicate your company’s worker benefits, amenities, value proposition, and how the perfect-fit professionals can grow and prosper in their careers by being part of something big.

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