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3 Tips Regarding Working With a Recruiting Agency

Posted By: Brookwoods Group on December 3, 2020

Recruiting the right talent can be a challenge, but companies are often hesitant to outsource their executive searches to an external agency. They assume that they know their organization and what kind of people who will thrive there better than anyone.

Like a surgeon who would never operate on himself, you may want an outside perspective when it comes to finding the right future leaders for your company. You may not have the right connections in your industry or the proper search tools. But an established staffing firm that makes it their business to network and know top talent can assess your open position and your company culture to find the right candidates who fit.

Partnering with the right recruiting agency can save you resources and time and frustration if you’re transparent during the process and honest with yourself about what your company actually needs.

Like any business relationship, there needs to be a certain level of understanding and compatibility between a company and the recruiting agency for the partnership to be successful.

Here are three tips for getting the most out of working with a staffing firm.

Find a Staffing Firm That Focuses on Finding a Cultural Match

The staffing firm you partner with should serve as an extension of your in-house recruiting or HR team. It’s easy to find resumes listing all the right qualifications, but you hire people, not resumes. At Brookwoods Group, we execute a painstaking process that assesses the team, vision, and organizational culture of each of our clients to get to the heart of what they actually need in terms of talent.

This method helps us pinpoint not just skill sets, but also traits that’ll help candidates excel and grow at your company.

Recruiting people who aren’t suited to an organizational cult

recruiters conducting job interview

ure simply don’t thrive no matter their experience or credentials. While capable, they become dissatisfied and unproductive, and they could foster a potentially toxic work environment. In the end, those who play well with others and have fewer credentials and less experience are more effective than “rock stars” who want to go lone wolf.

Ensure the Staffing Agency Specializes in What You’re Seeking

If you’re looking for a marketing executive, it doesn’t make sense to hire a staffing agency that specializes in finance and accounting personnel. Hiring agencies that specialize in placing candidates in similar positions understand the nuances of the position and the soft skills needed to be successful. Not everything that’s important shows up on a resume and not everything that’s on a resume is important.

Keep in Mind That Communication Is the Key to Getting it Right

Make sure you are transparent with your job descriptions, providing a clear-cut picture of the position’s responsibilities and how those contribute to the larger vision of the company. This helps the staffing agency define the skills and experience the candidate must have. You should also outline the company’s mission, vision, and values as well as its benefits and policies, such as its work hours and dress code.

These details will help the recruiting agency understand your company culture and what type of individuals would add value to your organization.

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