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5 Lucrative Careers for the ENFJ Personality Type

Posted By: Trish Cunningham on May 18, 2023

an ENFJ manager in a meeting with employees

Extraverted, iNtuitive, feeling, judging (ENFJ) is one of the 16 personality types identified by Myers-Briggs. It’s also one of the four personality types that belong to the subclass identified as “an idealist temperament” by the renowned psychologist David Keirsey.

Also known as “the protagonist” personality, ENFJs are people who are energetic, charismatic, and ambitious. These empathic and loyal personalities like to build strong connections with others and prefer working in group settings.

Because of their social nature, ENFJs thrive in leadership roles, as they love to empower others according to their strengths and abilities. Their intuitive capabilities drive them to find pathways that lead to the best possible outcomes for everyone, not just themselves.

Only 4.8% of people in the world have this personality type, where accomplishments and satisfaction involve making things happen for others. These enthusiastic, forward-thinking problem solvers also tend to enrich the world with positive changes, and there’s no shortage of inspiration when it comes to ENFJs.

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Allowing ENFJ Strengths to Flourish

Over the years, professional recruiters from Brookwoods Group, one of the leading staffing firms in Houston, have noted that the ENFJ personality type is quite attractive to employers looking for employees with leadership qualities and integrity.

Since these individuals’ morale-boosting, collaborative, altruistic capabilities never fail to impress hiring managers, many jobs across various industries pay them well.

Managers and Team Leaders

The highly empathic and uplifting nature of ENFJs makes them excellent at managing and leading others. They go out of their way to learn about others and help them succeed. ENFJs satisfy their desires by encouraging others to improve their lives. Their flawless people skills make everyone feel respected and valued.


After “the protagonist,” the second most common nickname given to these people is “the teacher.” The profession suits ENFJs well because they are skilled at explaining things to others according to their learning style. Besides showing empathy, as teachers they’re incredible at understanding the feelings and thoughts of students. They relate to students and find meaningful ways to build connections with them. These same skills make them amazing business mentors as well.

a business owner discussing hiring requirements with an executive recruiter

Communications Manager

ENFJs’ passion and dedication to strategy make them leaders who competently fill the roles of communications managers and marketing experts. They keep up with the industry’s best practices and trends in order to determine the tactics to employ for upcoming campaigns.

ENFJ communications and marketing managers work with creatives, sales agents, the finance department, and others to execute campaigns that help generate revenue for the company. The roles demand management and communication skills to get the most out of the team and execute plans. After all, the team’s performance impacts how the message is conveyed to the company’s stakeholders.

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Nurse Practitioner

Individuals with ENFJ personalities are warm and compassionate. Their nurturing traits and knack for detail make for incredible patient caregiving skills. As empathic people, they relate to people of all ages and lead them toward better lives with effective counseling because of their outstanding interpersonal communication capabilities.

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Looking for a Job That Suits Your Personality?

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