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5 Traits You Need In Your Next Hire

Posted By: Brookwoods Group on August 7, 2019

5 Traits You Need In Your Next Hire

A study conducted by Leadership IQ, a leadership consulting firm, shows that 46% of new employees fail within their first 18 months at work. Most would think that their failure would be tied to a lack of technical skills, but in reality, it’s due to poor interpersonal skills — or soft skills — like low motivation, an inability to manage and understand emotions, and an inability to accept feedback.

The experienced talent recruitment experts at Brookwoods Group note that the most successful employees share the following traits:


Nothing substitutes experience. A candidate who knows your industry and the type of work you dowould require less training and could start adding value much sooner.


Candidates who are demonstratively interested in your company during an interview and can articulate their understanding of your core offerings have made the effort to do their homework. However, an interviewee who has simply memorized your company’s mission statement yet doesn’t seem to understand its business objectives may be just looking for a job—and any job at that. This candidate probably won’t stick around.

Strong Work Ethic

High-performance professionals always give their best effort and have a track record to prove it. Ask them about a situation or situations where they went the extra mile to complete a task successfully.

Strong Work Ethic


Candidates with positive and enthusiastic attitudes make great employees. They complete their work efficiently and inspire others around them to do the same. They always see problems as challenges and issues as opportunities for their personal development

Communication Skills

Employees with great communication skills can express what they need from and what they can do for others in a clear, positive manner that boosts teamwork and helps the organization achieve business objectives more efficiently.

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