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A Closer Look at Brookwoods Group’s Six-Step Recruiting Process

Posted By: John Sweney on December 28, 2022

Screenshot of Brookwoods Group’s recruiting process.At Brookwoods Group, our recruitment process was designed to find the most qualified, skilled, and creative professionals who are also a perfect cultural fit for your company. Combining technology with the experience of our recruiting experts, we’ve been filling difficult-to-fill roles with professionals who are the perfect fit, almost ensuring that they add value to their organizations from Day One.

If you’re looking for new professionals to expand your team, replace departing team members, or supplement your existing team temporarily with contract staffing, know that all our candidates go through Brookwoods Group’s recruiting process.

Here is how it works:

1. Benchmarking

We start by getting to know your company. During the initial consultation, we analyze your requirements, brand identity, audience, industry, culture, departments, processes, and procedures. This helps us develop the right recruitment plan to find the professionals who meet your expectations and develop chemistry with your team.

2. Needs Analysis

During the second stage of the process, we get a better grasp of your business goals. Are you trying to fill gaps in your team? Do you require permanent employees? Are you looking for a replacement? We answer critical questions to identify areas that need to be prioritized and proceed accordingly.

3. Strategic Action Plan

We develop a clear, concise, and actionable plan to find the right talent for your team. We define the experience, qualifications, soft skills, hard skills, certifications, training, and other criteria so that we’re laser focused on finding the right professionals you need who can hit the ground running.

4. Talent-Driven Execution

Our team finds professionals who will bring value to your company and drive business growth. We run additional background checks to ensure that nothing slips through the cracks. The final list of candidates is robust, polished, and complete. We ensure that each candidate is a great fit for your unique company and team.

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5. Continuous Engagement

Once candidates have been placed, we don’t abandon them or you. You can call us whenever you need to so that we can address concerns (if any) early and with precision. We stay engaged and respond to our clients throughout the duration of the contract. Our account managers proactively maintain on-site communication, timely status reports and updates to ensure that your objectives are being met.

6. Accomplishing Goals

Once the project has been completed and all the deliverables have been finalized, we provide documentation and resources to our clients. If you need a professional for direct-hire or contract staffing again in the future, we want you to experience a smooth, hassle-free, and seamless process. By leaving you with everything you with enough documentation, ANYONE (not just us) can pick up or re-create the project.

While many consultants will introduce proprietary technologies or processes to a project that keeps you tied to the consultant, Brookwoods Group incorporates nothing that’s proprietary to us—in fact, if we use our processes, we teach our clients everything they need to know to do it without us. Our focus is on adding value to our relationship so that you want come back; not lock you in so that you are forced to come back!

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Contact our team today to learn more. For additional information about Brookwoods Group’s recruiting process, explore our case studies.