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A Closer Look at Hiring Corporate Communications Professionals

Posted By: Marilyn Emanuel on January 7, 2022

As one of the most pivotal departments of a company, the corporate communications department helps present a business to various internal and external audiences in the best possible light. Simply put, corporate communications drives the overall perception of a company.Corporate communications team of professionals

Professionals in this department strive to create a strong brand identity and strengthen business perception among employees, potential hires, consumers, and business partners.

1. Internal Communication

When examining the corporate communications department, we can break it down into its two key segments. The first, internal communication, focuses on a) producing key outputs such as internal newsletters and messages on the company intranet, b) organizing team meetings, and c) making use of knowledge management tools.

The focus is on maintaining a positive brand image within a company and strengthening communication through emails and interdepartmental messages. From the executives to the employees, every individual on the team is connected to the other.

Corporate communications professionals may organize team events, lunches, presentations, seminars, and trips to achieve their goals.

2. External Communication

The second segment of corporate communications—external communication—focuses on a company’s external branding. Groups that are targeted include the company’s audience, investors, potential employees, business partners and associates, and stakeholders.

Common outputs include press releases and press conferences. Advertising efforts (including social media outreach) are also included in this category. External communication professionals focus on helping their company reach and communicate with external audiences.

3. Finding Corporate Communications Professionals

A corporate communications professional working on his laptopWhether you’re setting up your corporate communications department, growing it to meet increased demands, or evolving it because of a new direction, the right professionals make all the difference. It’s vital that these team members understand and buy into your organization’s mission, vision, and values, and are a perfect cultural fit. After all, they will be charged with communicating the company’s brand messages with authenticity.

Your team will be focused on increasing brand awareness, building a solid corporate identity, maintaining an excellent corporate reputation, improving brand credibility, showcasing brand talent, increasing employee engagement, and boosting employee productivity.

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