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A Guide to Hiring Corporate Communications Professionals on Contract

Posted By: John Sweney on June 7, 2022

a corporate communications professional coming in for a job interview

Responsible for promoting a company through corporate branding, corporate communications professionals play an integral role in a company. They handle tasks like writing and distributing press releases to create a positive public opinion of the company, addressing unflattering press coverage/misinformation, providing information to the media, leveraging social media to sustain a strong brand image, and so on.

Corporate communications professionals work on everything from marketing campaigns to press releases to PR efforts, both inside and outside a company. If you’re considering hiring corporate communications professionals on contract, we’ve created a brief guide to help you get started.

1. Don’t Underestimate the Value of References

When hiring professionals on contract, many companies take the recruitment process a tad more lightly than usual. If anything, you should be more careful about who you hire. If you’re handing over a critical project to them, you can’t afford any mess-ups.

Start by checking their references. This step is vital. Request important information. For instance, ask about how well the contractor worked on the project. Were they able to meet critical deadlines? Did they perform well under pressure? Would the company hire them again?

Candidates usually talk a big game. Until you check in with their references, you won’t be able to accurately determine how qualified they really are.

2. Gauge Their Skills and Experience

a recruitment manager speaking with a candidate

Corporate communications professionals should be adept at building a strong corporate identity. They should be good communicators, listeners, and performers.

Are they able to get a good response from stakeholders? Can they effectively improve your company’s professional image? Are they consistent, assiduous, and flexible?

Keep these skills in mind. We also recommend prioritizing experience. Ask the right questions and feel free to dig deeper to understand if they’ll excel in their contractual role.

3. Find the Right Fit for Your Company

Each company is different. While you’re ultimately looking for Corporate communications recruitment, your company’s requirements will be unique. Make sure you find a candidate who can work well within your company.

Since they’ll be working contractually, you can’t afford to have them take unnecessarily long to adjust to your company’s culture. Communicate your requirements and make sure they share the values that your company upholds.

At Brookwoods Group, we proudly take on the responsibility of providing qualified, committed, skilled, and passionate corporate communications professionals for your team. If you need employees on contract, reach out to us today.

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