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Almost As Bad As Getting Laid Off: Surviving

Posted By: Trish Cunningham on January 7, 2015

As change, the only constant we know, continues to wreak havoc on the work force based on various iStock_000015972687Largecommodities, the potential future of employment can be scary in many ways. Getting laid off is the worst followed by being the sole survivor and being left with way too much work to do and deadlines to meet. Often times these scenarios cause such levels of stress within corporations that the ones left behind falter doing the jobs of three to four professionals.

This article (Companies Focus On Worker Stress as Talent Gets Harder to Keep,, December 23, 2014) discusses companies focusing on worker stress as top talent is harder to not only keep but to find. As we continue to hear the mantra of “do more with less”, turnover is going to reach an all-time high.

Take a look at this article for a few ideas of how to deal with the changes and how to empower employees. Building communications skills is the second bullet on the list!