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Avoid Resume Mistakes

Posted By: Lonnie Haynes on April 18, 2017

A recent blog posted on Glassdoor listed 6 key resume mistakes that people make.

We couldn’t agree more.

  1. Not customizing your resume.
    • We tell candidates every day to make sure they customize their resumes to match the job position to which they are applying.
  2. Focusing on job function over results.
    • We see many people in our offices and they often list what they did, not how it impacted the business. What were the results?
  3. Including an objective.
    • This is an old school recommendation. Of course you are looking for your next great career choice, or you are seeking a job in a fast paced organization … don’t put that on your resume.
  4. Poor writing.
    • Your resume must be error free. Proof read your resume, then have at least 2 – 3 other people, preferably with great grammar and writing skills, review your resume. Do not get offended if they find errors, fix them.
  5. Leaving out social media links.
    • Social media is here to stay and is used daily in resume review. You should be able to share your social media platforms so make sure they are professional.
  6. Tell instead of showing.
    • You know you are great, but you have to prove it to the recruiter! What did you do that made you so great?

We have added a few more tips that might help:

  • Take criticism. If a recruiter suggests changes and recommends you alter your resume, listen to them. They are very familiar with what a client is seeking. Don’t fall in love with your resume.
  • Never lie on your resume or fudge the truth. If you don’t have a degree be clear, if you are taking classes toward that degree don’t put advanced MBA degree on your resume. This will be caught. If you were the admin on a project, do not put project leader. If you are not fluent in Spanish, don’t put read and write Spanish. This never ends well.
  • Gap in your work history – make sure you include information regarding your gap, family emergency, family leave, school, illness, etc.  If you find you are in a long gap looking for work, we suggest you volunteer. Find things to do, even pro bono in your field, that will help fill a gap and could lead to great job seeking connections.

Writing your resume is a work of art. Invest your time on this very important business document. It will serve you well.