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Brookwoods Group Launches YouTube Advertising Campaign

Posted By: Mark Hayden on December 23, 2022

We live in a visual world, and as Houston’s leading staffing and recruiting firm for marketers when it came time to execute on our brand awareness strategy, we added YouTube video advertising to our media mix, which also includes paid search, paid social, and SEO. YouTube supports itself as a free service by presenting those little advertisements inserted at the start of most videos. Viewers can close the advertisement after five seconds or watch it all the way through. Smart advertisers make sure they get the key message through in the first five seconds!

Our 15- and 30-second ads are aimed at YouTube users who are likely to be interested in hiring great professionals into open jobs or contract assignments. The ads were produced for Brookwoods Group by OAK Interactive.

The first five seconds of the commercial are critical because let’s be honest, most people will click “Skip Ad” to get to the video they want to access. So you have to be interesting and engaging. To do that, we opted for a concept that would leverage still photos and 2-D animation set to a drumbeat audio track. National voice actor Mike Anthoni was chosen for his authoritative yet friendly tone to do the voice-over.

You can see the stand-alone ads on YouTube at:  (30 seconds)  (15 seconds)