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Creating a New Shared Marketing Department

Posted By: John Sweney on July 26, 2017

Our client, a Fortune 100 energy company, implemented a centralized marketing department to improve their brand, remain consistent and develop new social media marketing programs.  They decided to create a shared service team based in Houston, but able to service the various departments, companies and plants around the United States.  Since this was a trial program they decided to fill the team with contractors to determine feasibility and consistency. 

Brookwoods Group was able to fill a dozen marketing positions such as, mobile marketing, social media, copywriters, digital marketing, bi-lingual marketing, web content, digital analytics and mass advertising.  Using our experienced, strategic marketing recruiter, with the knowledge of our client we were able to screen and present many passive candidates (people who currently had jobs) for the open roles. 

After 18 to 24 months’ service, our employees were hired by the client and several of them eventually became leaders of departments and projects.